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Quantum Computing - The Real Game Changer

Image Credits: Synced Review on Medium Quantum computing is becoming one of the most talked about new technology even though it does not fully exist yet. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years, our mobile phones have become more powerful than the computer NASA used to put man on the moon and it gets better by the day. In the nearest future, quantum computers would change our world drastically. So why should I even study about it today?

How quantum physics computing might make Man teleport in the future

Over the years, technology has evolved in amazing ways. If you take time to think about how as Humans we’ve evolved, it would totally blow your mind. We evolved from the stone age, grew in science, mathematics and knowledge, invented technologies to make life easier and guess what, technological advancements ain’t slowing down anytime soon. In my own opinion, computers have to be one of the greatest inventions of man, I mean think of how amazing the little guys(computers) automates almost everything we do and we are already getting robots to do stuff for us, speaking of robots, I think that would be a blog post for another day.