Over the years, technology has evolved in amazing ways. If you take time to think about how as Humans we’ve evolved, it would totally blow your mind.
We evolved from the stone age, grew in science, mathematics and knowledge, invented technologies to make life easier and guess what, technological advancements ain’t slowing down anytime soon.
In my own opinion, computers have to be one of the greatest inventions of man, I mean think of how amazing the little guys(computers) automates almost everything we do and we are already getting robots to do stuff for us, speaking of robots, I think that would be a blog post for another day.

Computers are made up of parts including chips, processors, transistors, etc and these little devices are always been improved upon. It seems to me that the smaller these devices get, the more powerful they become.

The picture shows men transporting a 5 megabyte IBM Hard Drive in 1956

Man holding the modern size of a 1 Terabyte Hard DrivePhoto Credits: www.philiprahnhopper.net

Computer transistors are getting smaller and smaller, we are reaching tiny scales proposed by quantum physics. A modern transistor is about 30 nanometers or smaller, almost 600x smaller than an average cell in your body, yes you read that right.
But the catch here is that computers are becoming more powerful and are opening portals to things that were once seemingly impossible.

Now to the interesting part…

The Concept of Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement occurs when two particles become connected in such a way that when the property of one particle changes, an instantaneous change occurs in the property of the other particle.
According to Quantum mechanics, a pair of entangled particles could be separated by an entire universe.
This is the implication, let’s say a particle ‘x’ on planet Earth is entangled to a particle ‘y’ on planet Mars. When ‘x’ changes its properties (spin down), the properties of ‘y’ changes to match that of ‘x’ on earth (spin up) and a vice versa can occur.

By Ishdasrox (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/eb/Quantum_entanglement.jpg

Quantum Tunnelling

Quantum tunnelling or tunnelling is the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle passes through a potential barrier that it classically should not be able to cross, the reason for this is down to the particle’s wavefunction, though the probability of the occurrence of quantum tunnelling is low, however, it is possible especially with the application of a significant amount of energy.

The Future of Quantum Computers: Teleportation

Using quantum entanglement, Scientists have been able to transport entangled particles.
Two particles ( A & B) are entangled and separated by a large distance, a particle T is then brought in to interact with particle A, as particle A and T interact, the information is then sent to particle B which replicates the information of particle T to form an exact copy of particle T in its location. Sighs, read and digest this again and I do hope the image below helps.
Meanwhile, the particle T is destroyed has its information has been sent across.

Photo Credits: LondonCity Girl

This method of teleportation has been successfully carried out on very tiny particles.
Why can’t we then just teleport Humans? Let’s say I’m in China and need to get to the US, why can’t we be teleported and need no airports?
The answer is simple, Humans contain a lot of particles and cells, our nails alone is made up of a huge amount of cells and particles, this means an immense amount of data needs to travel for Human teleportation top occur, by estimation sending this amount of data would take centuries to complete with the current technology we have.

Imagine that Human teleportation became a reality, so Jane wants to move from London to Tokyo, she steps into the device, her information is then related to the device at Tokyo which replicates the quantum state of her individual particles creating an exact replica meanwhile the original Jane has been destroyed. So has the original Jane dies in London and she’s re-created in Tokyo, is that still the original Jane? This has been a debate in the field of Quantum physics.

Photo Credits: LondonCity Girl

Human Teleportation would be a very hard fit to accomplish in the future but I do not see this as impossible. This might be the future of Human transportation.

We have been able to send sound waves via the telephone, we’ve been able to send information/data via the internet, wifi, Bluetooth, infrared, etc. These are fits that were seemingly impossible to the man of the stone age. I greatly believe in the future means of transportation (human teleportation).

Thanks for reading and do share if you believe in the future of this technology.