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The 4Ps of Problem Solving

Photo Credits: Mat Helme on Dribble Introduction I was discussing with a friend lately and he told me an amazing story. He told me about a senior engineer who was presented with a very complex problem, and after hours of pushing a lot of code he got fed up and gave a detailed report of how hard working he has been in days and unable to get the problem solved.

How quantum physics computing might make Man teleport in the future

Over the years, technology has evolved in amazing ways. If you take time to think about how as Humans we’ve evolved, it would totally blow your mind. We evolved from the stone age, grew in science, mathematics and knowledge, invented technologies to make life easier and guess what, technological advancements ain’t slowing down anytime soon. In my own opinion, computers have to be one of the greatest inventions of man, I mean think of how amazing the little guys(computers) automates almost everything we do and we are already getting robots to do stuff for us, speaking of robots, I think that would be a blog post for another day.

The Possibility of Time Travel

There are many interesting theories and topics that exist in the world of science, one of these is the concept of time travel. You must have head about it or seen it in a science fiction movie. Is this concept a fairy tale or is it possible that man can travel back in time? To understand this concept, we would have to take a closer look at the concept of time dilation and Albert Einstien’s laws of relativity.

Creating an Awesome User Interface and Experience

UX (User Experience) and UI(User Interface) are very important concepts to look into if we are to build an experience that our users would enjoy. Take into mind that when building a product, the specs of the developer or designers is not what counts rather it’s that of the users that matters, of course, we are not building products for ourselves, we are building for the users. Let me quickly define these two concepts (UI & UX).


The above picture is myself and Ibrahim Olamilekan a 17 year old Nigerian software developer. Sometime last year precisely around August (August , 2017), myself and Ibrahim Olamilekan set out to learn Javascript. We purchased udemy courses, watched YouTube videos and read articles online. We found ourselves sharing helpful links, attending and hosting tech meet ups, we did all those to really level up on our tech skills in the shortest time possible.