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Introduction to End to End testing for Node.js Applications using TestCafe

Photo Credits: Stackify Github Repository: Link Application testing has proved to be a very important aspect of the modern day software development process. We want to make sure that we are shipping software of high quality and one that would not break in production. Catching bugs could be hard work and trust me you do not want your users to have a bad experience whilst using your application. End-to-end testing ensures that one catches bugs around user interaction before deploying the application to production.

Developer Communities in Nigeria

Image Credit: One way to speed up your career journey as a technologist is to become part of the community in your area. The network, knowledge and exposure you get from being part of the community are simply priceless. Iron sharpens iron and it is important to get around like minds heading towards the same direction. I believe being a part of the developer communixty helped to make my journey faster.

JavaScript Algorithms Part 4. MAXIMUM CHARACTER

Image credits: Pixelstalks Question Write a function to return the maximum occurring character in the input string e.g., if input string is “Test” then function should return ‘t’. Note: capital letter ‘T’ and small letter ‘t’ should count as the same. In writing a function to satisfy the above question, the first thing to do is to change every input entered by the user to lower case. Let us consider the string ‘Test’, our expected result is that the letter ‘t’ should return 2, the letter ‘e’ and ‘s’ should return 1.

JavaScript Algorithms Part 3. FIZZBUZZ

JavaScript Algorithms Part 3. FIZZBUZZ Image Credits: The FizzBuzz algorithm question is one very popular algorithm problem lots of folks would have to solve, in fact, it is a very popular interview question for programmers. Question. Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to n. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz”


Image Credits: CarfromJapan To solve the reversed integer and reversed string algorithms, we would need to refer to some of the Logic we used in Part 1 of this series, click here to see the post. I’d be dealing with the more complex algorithm which is reversing an integer before solving reversing a string, in fact, if you can reverse an integer you should have no problem reversing a string.

JavaScript Algorithms Part 1 PALINDROME

Image Credits: Zooglobble Welcome to the part 1 series of JavaScript Algorithms. I’m so glad to be doing this and I’m pretty sure you’re in for an amazing ride. All solution and test code for my JavaScript Algorithm Challenge can be found here: The Palindrome question is a very popular algorithm question asked during interviews and it is probably one of the first challenges you’d have to deal with when you start out as a programmer, I’d be sharing my thought process on solving this question.

Contributing to smaller developer communities

Some Attendees at the just concluded Lokoja Tech Event. The Nigeria tech community has grown tremendously in the recent time, thanks to the effort of a lot of community advocates like Prosper Otemuyiwa, Neo Ighodaro and a whole lot of others. A lot of companies like Andela, Ingressive, Figma, and a lot of others have also helped sponsor tech events across Nigeria. The community has received a lot of support hence the increase in the number of developers and designers across Nigeria.

Hope is not a Strategy - Part 1

Image credits: One Nigeria Recently, The president of the federal republic of Nigeria released the budget for 2019, going through the budget we’ll realise that there is nothing new expected to happen in the coming year. Below is a quick analysis a friend on mine Mona Moxie gave me on whatsapp today about the budget, kindly follow through I assure you, you’d not be bored: Here is a simple break down for the 2019 budget.

Quantum Computing - The Real Game Changer

Image Credits: Synced Review on Medium Quantum computing is becoming one of the most talked about new technology even though it does not fully exist yet. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years, our mobile phones have become more powerful than the computer NASA used to put man on the moon and it gets better by the day. In the nearest future, quantum computers would change our world drastically. So why should I even study about it today?

Deploying React Applications to Github Pages

A friend contacted me recently, he hosts some of his websites on Github and points his domain name to hosted projects on gh-pages. He just built an app using react and was having a hard time deploying it to GitHub pages, most folks are used to deploying static web pages to gh-pages but react applications seem a little more difficult to deploy. Well, it’s simpler than you might think, in this article I’ll be showing you how to deploy your react applications to gh-pagesin no time.